kirkby overblow All Saints  SE 324492

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The body of the church mostly dates from 1780 and the west tower from 1781.  These were 'improved' by G E Street in 1872.


Three bells hung for full-circle ringing from a first floor ringing room - previously they were rung from the ground floor.  They do not form a correct musical scale but are a four with the third missing.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1   1598 5-1-9 31.375 C
2 Pack & Chapman 1769 8-0-25 35 B
3   1654 8-3-5 37.625 G


1.    IB:    GOD   IS   MY   DE   FEN   DER   1598  +

2.    IB:    PACK & CHAPMAN OF LONDON FECIT 1796  (band of ornament)

3.    IB:    IESVS  BE  OVR  SPEED  1654

The tenor is pictured below.

Poppleton [Bells 1 and 3 are reversed.]

KIRKBY OVERBLOW (All Saints). Three bells.

1.      IESVS BE OVR SPEED  1634


3.      GOD IS MY DE FEN DER 1598

Frame and Fittings

Low side cast-iron frame for four bells, laid out for five, with new wooden headstocks and modern fittings by Taylors.  Unusually this includes Hastings stays bolted to the timber headstocks.  Each bell has a trigger type Ellacombe hammer and the second has an external clock hammer.


A two train bed frame clock with the pendulum at the side and electric wind fitted to both trains.  It strikes the hours on the second bell.


ARA visited August 2003.