kirkby fleetham  St Mary  SE 281957

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Perpendicular west tower - the rest of the church contains work from the 11th to the 19th centuries.


Three bells hung for full-circle ringing though unringable and being "clocked".  The treble is a rare example of the work of Joseph Bradwell (q.v. Arkengarthdale) and is of distinctive tone.

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 Joseph Bradwell of Richmond 1824 4 cwt 29.375" D
2 York foundry C15 6 cwt 31.375" C
3 York foundry C15 8 cwt 35.25" B / B flat


The treble is uninscribed.

Second:    +  Sce Iohirs Ora Pro Nobis [Shield with three bells]  Richard Pette

Tenor:    +  Ave Gracia Plena Dominus Tecu  [Shield with three bells]

Frame and Fittings

Large wooden frame with all braces having queen posts, braces from sill to queen posts and end posts (Pickford type 5.P with end posts).  With the exception of some additional timbers the frame appears to be all of a piece and may date from the casting of the two tenors.  Wooden headstocks - that on the tenor being exceptionally tall - stays attached to the wheels, plain bearings, unusual one-piece wheels - that on the tenor being of better craftsmanship than the others.  

Kirkby Fleetham Hall

A cupola on the north of the front range contains a single bell.


ARA July 2010