north rigton St John  SE 280492

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A late nineteenth century church with west tower.


A chime of five tubular bells and one small bell hung for swing chiming

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 Harrington Latham & Co. 1909      
2 Harrington Latham & Co. 1909      
3 Harrington Latham & Co. 1909      
4 Harrington Latham & Co. 1909      
5 Harrington Latham & Co. 1909      
C       10"  


The tubular bells are uninscribed and the chiming bell is also blank.

Frame and Fittings

The five tubular bells are hung in a wooden frame in two rows; one row of three and one of two.  They are operated from the first floor room by an Ellacombe type rack. The single bell hangs in a small metal A frame and is fitted with a metal bar headstock and lever though there was no clapper at the time of my visit.  The rope passes through to the ground floor.



ARA visited February 2003