weeton St Barnabas  SE 284465

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A large cruciform church by G G Scott with central tower and spire.


Three bells hung for full-circle ringing.  The bells are hung in the base of the spire and rung from the chamber below (with pairs of lancet windows).

Bell Founder Date Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 C & G Mears 1852 6-1-16    
2 C & G Mears 1852 7-0-7    
3 C & G Mears 1852 9-3-3    


List of

Frame and Fittings

Wooden frame for three bells occupying only a fraction of the large bell chamber. The bells hang from wooden headstocks and traditional gear including plain bearings.  This will all date from 1852 as supplied by Mears although several minor repairs have kept the bells in ringable order.


A now disused two train clock stands on the floor of the ringing chamber.


Chris Pickford - information from Whitechapel daybook of 16 July 1852